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Affiliate Agreement

This is an Agreement between

ACLS GLOBAL LTD with Company Reg. Number HE 367089,incorporated in Cyprus, hereinafter referred to as ACLS,


[                                  ] with ID [                ] , herein after referred to as AFFILIATE


1.  Cooperation between ACLS and AFFILIATE

-          The AFFILIATE will be entitled to commissions from the deposits of the clients that the AFFILIATE refers to ACLS.

-          The AFFILIATE gets a control panel where he will be able to see his Clients and their Topups, so he can also calculate the correctness of the commissions.

-          The AFFILIATE can also bring other Affiliates to be under him. In such case, the AFFILIATE, through his control panel, he will be able to also see the Clients and Topups that his sub-affiliates refer.

-          The AFFILIATE will be provided with marketing material from ACLS to use in his marketing activities.


2.  How the Clients are assigned under the AFFILIATE

-          The AFFILIATE is provided with a unique Promo Code.

-          The AFFILIATE gives the Promo Code to his Referrals to use when they make their first deposit through the ACLS Mobile Application.

-          To make the Promo Code attractive and give a reason to the Referral to use it, the Promo Code will give a Bonus Credit of 20%-50% of the Deposit Amount on the Referral’s First Time Deposit.

-          When the Referral uses the AFFILIATE’s Promo Code on their first deposit, the Referral is automatically assigned under the AFFILIATE and the AFFILIATE will be entitled to commissions based on the Deposits of the Referral, who is now a Client.

-          The AFFILIATE is entitled to become a Master Affiliate by assigning other Affiliates under him. Any Deposits made by the Clients referred by the Affiliates of the AFFILIATE, the AFFILIATE will also receive Commissions based on the structure explained in section 3. How the Commissions are calculated below.


3.  How the Commissions are calculated

-          There are two types of Commissions:

--   Direct Commissions: These are based on the Total Monthly Deposits of the Clients assigned directly under the AFFILIATE.

--   Indirect Commissions: These are based on the Total Monthly Deposits of the Clients referred by the sub-affiliates of the AFFILIATE.

-          Direct Commissions are scaled commissions and are calculated based on the following table:

Total Monthly Deposits from the AFFILIATE’s Clients

Scaled Commission %

Up to €10,000


From €10,000 - €20,000


Over €20,000



-          The following table gives examples of Direct Commissions:

Total Monthly Deposits

AFFILIATE Commission

How is calculated

€ 3,000


Up to €10,000: €3,000 * 10% = €300

From €10,000 - €20,000: N/A

Over €20,000: N/A

€ 10,000

€ 1,000

Up to €10,000: €10,000 * 10% = €1,000

From €10,000 - €20,000: N/A

Over €20,000: N/A

€ 15,000

€ 1,750

Up to €10,000: €10,000 * 10% = €1,000

From €10,000 - €20,000: €5,000 * 15% = €750

Over €20,000: N/A

€ 20,000

€ 2,500

Up to €10,000: €10,000 * 10% = €1,000

From €10,000 - €20,000: €10,000 * 15% = €1,500

Over €20,000: N/A

€ 50,000

€ 8,500

Up to €10,000: €10,000 * 10% = €1,000

From €10,000 - €20,000: €10,000 * 15% = €1,500

Over €20,000: €30,000 * 20% = €6,000


-          Indirect Commissions are calculated based on the following parameters and conditions:

--   Indirect Commissions are paid from ACLS to the AFFILIATE as an extra percentage on top of the percentages of the Direct Commissions.

--   Indirect Commissions are applied to the Level 1 sub-affiliates of the AFFILIATE.

--   From the Total Monthly Deposits of all the Clients of the sub-affiliates, ACLS first deducts the amount of the Direct Commissions of the sub-affiliates. The resulting amount is the Indirect Total Deposits.

--   The AFFILIATE receives 10% commission from the Indirect Total Deposits.


4.  When the Commissions are paid

-          Commissions will be paid on or around the 10th of each calendar month for the previous calendar month at the account that the AFFILIATE designates to ACLS.

-          Any transaction fees from Commission payments will be undertaken by the AFFILIATE.

-          In the case where refunds and/or charge backs are paid back from ACLS to AFFILIATE’s Clients, these will be first deducted from ACLS income before the Commissions are calculated and the necessary adjustment will be applied on the Commission Amount on the following monthly payment.

-          The starting date of the payment of the Commissions will be designated as the 10th of the month, following the month of the first deposit date from an AFFILIATE’s client.

-          Commissions are recurring under one condition: The AFFILIATE brings at least one new Referral who makes a first time deposit every 2 months.


5.  Affiliate Agreement Location

-          This Affiliate Agreement is only available on

-          Interested parties should complete the form below with their contact details and a representative of ACLS will contact you to process your application.

-          Completing your details and submitting them to ACLS means that you accept the terms and conditions as presented in the Agreement.

-          Upon completion of the form, this agreement will be emailed to you at the email address you provide below.


6. Agreement Termination

-          ACLS reserves the right to terminate this AGREEMENT if the AFFILIATE misrepresents ACLS or his/her actions cause a reputation damage to ACLS or any of its people or partners, like negative comments on Google Play or other online resources, or if complaints are raised from Clients that they were promised things that are not valid or true, or if ACLS believes in its own discretion that the AFFILIATE is acting unethically in contacting his/her business with ACLS or the Clients that the AFFILIATE deals with.



              I accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the terms and conditions of this website


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