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We have gathered a list of important questions and information for you to make better use of our service. If you have any further questions, please email us at

ACLS GLOBAL Limited is a Forex Education and Forex Signals Provider.

It is an independent company with ZERO ownership, affiliations to or other connections to any Forex Brokerage regulated or unregulated around the world.

However, in some cases you may notice that some Forex Brokers will give their traders promotional incentives when they use ACLS Signals mobile application. This does not imply, nor establishes any kind of affiliation between ACLS and the brokerage and occurs only when a forex broker is not a market maker. It is in the interest of non-market making Forex Brokerages to have as many of their clients winning as much as possible. Our service helps you do exactly that.

As a company ACLS Global Ltd offers you 5 things:
  • Daily Fundamental Analysis by Marshall Gittler
  • Forex Education material and videos
  • High quality Forex Signals
  • Forex Webinars and Forex Seminars
First you download our mobile application, ACLS Signals from Google Play. Our mobile application is free.

Once you download it, your account will be in Inactive Mode. You will be able to see examples of Signals and Historical results. To activate your account you need to deposit at least €20. 

You can use our service in one of 2 ways:
  1. OPTION 1: You can choose to receive only our Daily Market Analysis. Each time we send you a commentary, we will deduct €2.00 from your account balance.
  2. OPTION 2 (recommended): You can choose to receive both our Daily Market Analysis and our live Forex Signals. In this case, the Daily Market Analysis is free. We will be deducting a small amount from your account balance each time we send you a signal that proves to be a winning one. We win, you win. In fact, if you choose to carefully follow our signals, you will most likely not have to pay for our fees out of your pocket, ever, as your winnings will be covering all our fees and you will be left with your profit on top of that.
Everything works through our mobile application ACLS Signals, which at the moment is available for smartphones running on Android. You can download our mobile application from Google Play here.
No. No login is required to use the ACLS Signals mobile application.You only need to give any of your details (Name, Email and Phone) once you decide to topup.
Open the sliding menu of the application and click "Account". From there you will see a button "GO TO TOPUP". In order to topup, enter the amount you wish (min €20) and make sure that your contact information is complete and accurate.

We currently accept payments via Skrill, Neteller and Credit Cards. 
All our signals and daily analysis commentary are delivered directly to your smartphone via Push Notifications. This means that you need to have an active internet connection either via WiFi or Data connection in order to be able to receive our signals.
We currently offer forex signals for the following 21 currency pairs:
We offer the following types of signals:
  • Premium (long-term)
  • 1 Hour (fixed at 10 Pips per signal)
  • 1 Hour A (one hour signals, shorter term)
  • 1 Hour B (one hour signals, longer term)
  • 4 Hour A (4 hour signals)
  • Daily A (shorter term)
  • Daily B (longer term)
You can read all the info about our signal types by visiting Signal Types
For info on the frequency of forex signals per signal type, please visit the page Signal Types

NOTE: The signals are spread throughout the available trading hours of each currency pair.

Yes you can. Through the Settings of the ACLS Mobile Application, you can select to receive signals only for the currency pairs that you trade. No need to pay for any winning signals for currency pairs you are not interested in.
Yes you can. Again, through the Settings of the ACLS Mobile Application, you can choose the time periods to receive our signals, using your own Timezone. For example, you can choose to receive signals from 9am to 1pm and from 3pm to 7pm your time.
Yes you can. Yet again, through the Settings of the ACLS Mobile Application, you can choose to receive signals only for the types of signals (periodicities) that you trade with. For example, you can choose to receive only Premium and 1 Hour signals.
Yes you can. Through the Settings of the ACLS Mobile Application, you can Pause your account. When you pause your account we will stop sending you NEW signals and/or daily commentary until you resume your account again. 

When you pause your account, your account balance (your credits), remain unchanged.

You can use this feature when you go on holiday, or when you know you will not have internet access, or when you simply don't want to trade.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you Pause your account, if you have any open signals, you will still receive the close notification.
In this case, your account balance may go negative and you will stop receiving new signals until you top up your account with enough credits to bring it to a positive amount.

To understand this, let’s look at an example: let’s say you subscribe to the 1 Hour signals and you select to receive signals for 6 currency pairs. Your account balance is currently at €2.00. The 1 Hour Signals are charged at €0.30 each. We send 8 signals to you that do not have a result out yet.

These are open signals that you have received and that you can see in the Signals screen of the mobile application. For argument’s sake, let’s say that all 8 signals are winning signals (which by the way means that if you followed them you will have made a profit). This means that we will deduct €2.40 from your account (8 winning signals * €0.30). But you only have €2.00 in your account. What will happen in this case, your balance will go to -€0.40. Now, when you go to top up your account again, if you deposit €50.00, you will see €49.60 in your account.
Our daily analysis is produced by the renowned market strategist and regular Bloomberg TV Pundit Marshall Gittler. As a result, there isn’t a standard topic that is always covered. Marshall will bring your attention on different aspects of the market opportunities based on his perspective and deep knowledge. First class analysis is at your disposal.
Yes of course! Just a few winning algorithms are not enough! We actually want to help you improve yourself in the process. Marshall Gittler, as our Chief Investment Strategist and Head of Education, is producing video tutorials that you can see on our site right now, or through the ACLS Mobile Application. In addition, we provide regular webinars and seminars which are announced on our website and through our mobile application.
  • When you first install our mobile application, only some currency pairs will be selected, only some signal types and the timeframe to receive signals will be set to be from 8am to 7pm. As a good practice, the first thing to do is to go to the Settings and adjust the parameters to suit your personal needs.
  • If you will go somewhere that you know you will not have internet access, it is a good practice to always pause your account because our system cannot know this and it will continue sending you signals. So, remember to pause the application when you don't trade so that your balance remains unchanged.
  • Start with a few signals to try out how fast and well you can handle the signals. You can then continue to add more currency pairs and more signal types as you get more comfortable with our service.
  • Since 2012 our Signals have consistently produced winning results. Our algorithms are becoming more and more advanced, so rest assured we intend to continue producing the highest quality signals that you can find on the market. Our suggestion is to make sure that you follow our signals consistently in order to reap the rewards. Do not get intimidated when you receive a signal that is a miss. No one can produce winning signals all the time. Keep using our service for at least one month, following all the signals that you have chosen to receive. And see the result forfyourself at the end of your 30 days.
  • We do remind you that past performance is no guarantee for future success and you should only invest in the forex market with money that you can afford to lose. Please also do read our terms and conditions.

Risk Warning: The information contained within the Company's website is not considered as investment advice and/or investment recommendation but instead a communication that provides educational material. The Company is not responsible for any loss arising from any information herein contained. Past performance does not guarantee or predict any future performance. Those financial instruments are traded on margin and carry a high level of risk and it is possible to lose all your capital. Seek independent advice if necessary. Neither the Company nor its employees and/or associated partners are liable for any loss or damage resulting from the use of the information provided.