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How to choose your settings in the mobile application

Once you add credits to your account you are almost ready to benefit from our unique application. We designed our services to meet your needs. Therefore, it is essential to open the Settings Menu and choose the options that suit you best.

Please, review the guide below and if you encounter any difficulties feel free to contact us.

Open the Menu from the
upper left corner of the screen.

Choose “Settings”.

Now you are in SETTINGS.


Choose between receiving both Signals and Daily Analysis and pay only per winning signal OR if you want to receive ONLY Daily Analysis and pay per item.


Sound settings for new signals, signal results and analysis. Choose one of our built-in sounds or have the default push notification sound. You can try them out and adjust accordingly once you start to receive the signals.


The option to pause or resume your account. If for any reason you are going to stop trading for a certain period you have the option to “freeze” your account without altering the settings. You will stop receiving signals and daily analysis and your balance will not be affected by any winning signals. You can resume your account at any time. It is important to Pause your account when you do not want to receive signals, otherwise our system will continue sending you signals and charging you when a signal is a Hit.


Here you select the instruments for which you want to receive signals. Adjust the choices according to your trading preferences. The system requires you to choose at least 5 currency pairs. It is recommended to use at least 3 Majors and 2 Minors.

The more currency pairs you select, the more signals you will be receiving, thus increasing your chances for more winning signals.

But it all depends on what you are trading. We suggest that you start with just 5 currency pairs and increase the number of currency pairs once you get used to using the system and once you see the value of our signals.

IMPORTANT: We strongly recommend that you stick to following the signals. It does not matter if you get a few misses along the way, especially if the first few signals that you receive may end up being a miss. It happens. Don't get distracted. We suggest that you stick to following the signals. The number of winning PIPs will eventually outweigh the number of lost PIPs.


These are the options for the different signal types. Once again you should select according to your trading style. The system requires you to use at least three.


Each signal type is priced differently and is only charged when the PIPs won are more than the PIPs indicated. Check our Pricing for more details.


Time-periods during which you want to receive signals. Firstly please select your timezone if not correct. The time will be that of your own timezone for your own convenience.


Select at least 8 hours of trading time.

Time-periods selection. You should choose the time you are most likely to trade but it is recommended to select the “heavy trading hours” during EU and US market sessions.

The more hours you select, the more signals you will receive. 

Again, this depends entirely on your trading habits and trading times. 

IMPORTANT: If you change a trading time period, it will take around 1 hour for the setting to be applied.So, if you remove a time period, you may still receive a signal during this period, until one hour passes. Same if you add a time period. It will take around one hour before the new time period is activated so you can receive signals there.


Automatic top up: let us know if you want to re-credit money to your balance automatically. Top up your account in time, try not to be out of credits when you need to trade.


Don’t forget to save the settings! Use the “check” button, upper right corner.

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