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Tips on using the ACLS Signals Mobile Application

Our app was created to help you achieve greater returns, so it is critical that you use it correctly.

  • Once you open the app modify the settings according to your needs; choose the appropriate currency pairs, signal types and time periods to only receive signals based on your trading preferences.

  • Top up your account promptly, to ensure you have credits available when you wish to trade.   

  • Take advantage of the daily analysis and the signals.

  • Always remember to “Pause your Account” when you are not trading so you are not charged for signals that you do not use.    


Trading Tips for Beginners

First of all, welcome to the fascinating world of Forex trading! 

You are about to begin a great journey in the most aggressive market environment in the world! But, do not worry, we have your back. Our software is designed to assist you in every moment on this journey. The software is good, almost perfect, but imagine the results if you managed to improve yourself in the process; that is the whole point!

Let’s talk basics, the 101 of Forex Trading is money management. Always open small positions relative to invested funds and don’t risk more than 1%-2% of your funds per trade. Usually, after a few profitable trades people tend to think ”it’s easy! Why haven’t I done this before?!” and then the positions’ increase in value and wow! more profit! Inevitably,” the market” has the upper hand and you will end up with oversized positions that you failed to close in time. Try to maintain small positions, even then there will be occasions that you will press the pedal but it is unlikely during the first few months.

It’s always good to set daily targets.+0.5% i.e. achievable targets. In a week’s time you will earn more than a year’s deposit income. In a month, a net 4%-6% could be the threshold. Once the daily target is achieved - stop trading! If you go into the red after a few trades, don’t push it, do not chase your losses, it is just a bad day - everyone has them. 

During your first few months use the signals provided, but, during the same period, as your market awareness increases start searching online for basic charting and a few technical indicators, but keep it simple. Understand how these indicators work and always use S&R levels and trendlines along with the ACLS Signals. Now, below we list some of the most common mistakes Beginners make:

  1. Overtrading - don’t open big positions - ever!
  2. Charts filled with indicators – one or two trending indicators and one oscillator are fine

  3. Focusing only in one timeframe – use three time frames to decide on trend direction and entry/exit points

  4. Overtrading II - yes, there are many instruments but you don’t have to try them all. Focus on major pairs and maybe one or two minors.

  5. Skipping homework – most people have quite pressing daily routines but that is not an excuse if you are really into earning extra income. You should find time, maybe during weekends, not more than a couple of hours, to research and study previous market actions. Check how would you react in different cases and keep notes.

The most important lesson? You cannot outsmart the markets; but yes, you can surf along.

Experienced traders

Since you are reading this we can assume you have experienced the losses. But as you are still around, it is likely your upside was greater than the downside - therefore, let us keep these numbers running. Use the application! Serious coding and professional market experience have been combined to create this software to help others, it is in the palm of your hand, use it! Don’t trust the application over your instinct and knowledge but plug one into the other. When doubtful follow this powerful tool and when confident re-confirm your approach. Moreover, never forget your first steps, those simple charting methods you probably used, the trendlines and the S&R levels. Combined with ACLS Signals you can make your success rate skyrocket.

Additionally, study correlations and either hedge or stsrengthen your starting positions with others in multiple pairs! Stop lying to yourself about those open trades, hedge the loss and use the signals for correct re-entries if your perspective is still cloudy. Definitely you are doing something right, find your strengths and amplify them, then find your weak points and focus; (sub)consciously you already know when you need the signals and when you don’t.

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